Sarah Saunders for School Board

"I'm running for Townsville School Board because our schools are in dire straights. Academic standards have been diminished in the name of 'equity', teachers and administrators are pushing inappropriate content aimed on our youngest children, and the concerns of parents are ridiculed and ignored. It's time for change. Together, we will bring academic excellence back to Townsville Schools."

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Meet Sarah

My children struggled during COVID. My oldest child was forced to endure a year of “remote learning” and masking while trying to learn how to read and write. He was isolated and unable to make friends. I saw his suffering and tried to make my feelings known to the Townsville School Board. Unfortunately, the school board, like many others across the country, dismissed the concerns of myself and other parents about the mental health of our children, and how our children were being left behind.

I am running for Townsville School Board to refocus its priorities on our children’s education and listening to parents’ concerns. Vote for me this November and together we will make the Townsville schools the best in the state for quality education for our children.


Sarah On the Issues

Parental Rights

Parental input should be at the forefront of all decisions the school board makes. As your school board member, I will always seek out and listen to feedback from parents about the direction our schools are going and any policy changes the school board plans to implement.

Return of High Academic Standards

In the name of “equity”, the Townsville School Board has diminished academic standards of our students. They have prohibited assigning any due dates for homework or giving a student less than 50% for any assignment (now a “D”). If elected, I will restore the traditional system of academic standards both you and I grew up with where we learned character and accountability by having to turn in our homework on time and having to work to make good grades.

Protecting Our Children’s Innocence

Under no circumstances should any child ever be taught to feel guilty or that they’re a victim because of the color of their skin. Furthermore, no child should be exposed to sexually inappropriate content due to a teacher’s or administrator’s personal beliefs. I will remove any such coursework from the curriculum and see to it any personnel promoting as such are removed from the schools.

School Safety and Security

We need properly trained and armed public resource officers in every school. We also need to make sure schools have a single point of entry to limit potential access. Parents and students should be able to expect that their school will be given similar protection to that afforded to any other public buildings.

Investing in Career in Technical Education (CTE)

I am a strong supporter of Career and Technical Education (CTE). As your school board member, I will work to expand the available CTE offerings by Townsville. Furthermore, I will work to better integrate CTE paths into middle and high school so parents and students can learn more about these options at earlier stages and be able to pursue CTE paths if desired.


Every parent has a right to know exactly what is going on in the classroom at all times. I support installing cameras in every classroom so parents can tune in and see what their children are being taught. Furthermore, no explicit or obscene material should be shown to students without explicit parental consent. Finally, no information about a child should ever be withheld from their parents.


Today, students can disrupt classes without consequence, fights break out daily, and teachers are unable to do anything about it. We are losing countless teachers each year due to the incredibly poor working conditions. I support providing teachers access to all of the tools they need to get their classrooms under control and ensure a safe learning environment.

Who's Supporting Sarah

State Senator John Franks

District 3

I am proud to support Sarah Saunders for School Board. Sarah knows what parents want in their child’s education and understands the important issues our schools face. She will work hard to strengthen security and discipline in the classroom, and champion parental rights, high-quality education, and accountability. Please vote for Sarah Saunders this November.

State Rep Nancy Silvers

District 7

I’ve known Sarah for years. She’s passionately volunteered in the community including at the Townsville animal care and adoption center. Her strong positions on parental rights, transparency, accountability, and restoring excellence to our classrooms will make her a strong member on the school board. I look forward to supporting her and hope you will join me in doing so this November.

City Councilwoman Amy Jackson

Ward 1

City Councilman Edward Smith

Ward 2

Jane Jones

Teacher & Community Activist

Melissa Reed

Community Activist

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